Call to stop the eviction of 28 Curragh overholders

Cllr Joanne Pender who attended the protest at the Dail last Wednesday.

Cllr Joanne Pender who attended the protest at the Dail last Wednesday.

A group of residents and supporters from the Curragh Camp travelled to the Dáil on Wednesday, June 18, to call upon the Minister for Defence to stop the process of evicting 28 former Defence Forces personnel and their families, dubbed overholders, from their homes.

The group also asked the Department of Defence to section off a terrace of houses in the Curragh Camp to allow those families to stay in their homes under a social housing type scheme.

A spokesperson for the Department said however that “the ongoing illegal occupation of military property by those who no longer have any entitlement cannot be supported.”

The families resident in the Camp claim they cannot afford private rental accommodation and have nowhere else to go. Cllr Joanne Pender said it was not acceptable. She made claims that the Department’s actions are simply pushing the problem onto the Council’s housing list which she said ‘are already at crisis levels’.

The Department acknowleged in a statement to the Leinster Leader that a small number of occupants may be particularly vulnerable due to their personal circumstances.

“In light of this, the Department has been examining what assistance it might provide in order to bring about a resolution. Officials will contact these individuals once the range of options open to the Department are determined.” It added that it does not have a role in the provision of accomodation for former members of the Defence Forces or for the general public. It stated that it would rather not have to use legal means to vacate the properties, but it could not support the occupation.




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