Broken bollards risk to child safety in Sallins



There is a risk to the safety of pedestrians in Sallins because of damage done to a number of protective bollards.

Plans are finally being made for a by-pass of the village many years after it was first proposed but in the meantime residents have to contend with a constant stream of traffic.This is alleviated only by traffic lights at the approach from Naas, between the two bridges and on the Clane side of Sallins.

Plans to by-pass the village are at an advanced and the road will run behind the Lidl store.

For now though residents have to contend with the traffic and its consequences.

One of these, according to Cllr. Willie Callaghan, is broken bollards which were built into the footpath on the left side of the road as pedestrians walk in the direction of Clane (alongside the old meat factory).

Up to four bollards are broken, meaning there is less protection for people walking - especially children going to school.

“I would estimate the cost of replacing them would be no more than €400,” said Cllr Callaghan who will seek a solution at a Kildare County Council meeting today. “The bollards were probably broken by passing lorries and the reason they were put in was to give children protection as they make their way to school.”




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