Bad weather delays Habour pollution progress

Canal Harbour Kilcock.                       Photo Tony Keane.

Canal Harbour Kilcock. Photo Tony Keane.

Bad weather has delayed further progress on the pollution issue in the harbour area of the Royal Canal, Kilcock.

Kildare County Council has battled for some time to identify the source of the pollution in the harbour which is used by local water sports clubs.

In recent months, the Council decided to divert the waste water that runs into the Harbour into a river on the Maynooth side of the town.

However, last Tuesday at at meeting of Clane Area Committee, officials explained that a number of attempts have been made to survey the drainage system in the Harbour area, particularly on the downstream side of the Canal.

“This is necessary to determine the routes and capacity of the pipelines in this area but we have not been successful in this because they are infiltrated with surface water which hinders CCTV surveys.

Cllr.Liam Doyle was grateful for the work, and added that he understand that another possible cause of the pollution was identified recently and dealt with.




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