Bad news on M4 motorway noise

M4 Motorway. Pic. Googlemaps

M4 Motorway. Pic. Googlemaps

RESIDENTS in north Kildare suffering from M4 motorway generated noise look as if they will have a long wait for a solution to reduce it, judging by a discussion at Kildare County Council’s Celbride area committee on 21 February.

Members were told the National Roads Authority (NRA) are responsible for managing the contract for maintenance and renewal of the M4 but Kildare County Council continues to be the road authority, councillors, still confused, heard.

Council engineer, John Coppinger said the NRA will decided when the road will be resurfaced but added it would cost around €40-50m and lower the noise level by only a few decibels.Councillors were told the NRA produced “Guidelines for the treatment of noise and vibration in national road schemes” in 2004 but “have recently clarified that these guidelines were not intended for use in any upgrade of the existing road.”

Mr. Coppinger, asked abou the Council’s legal responsibility for the road, said it would be “in that room.”

Cllr. Colm Purcell said life was intolerable for some residents because of motorway noise.

Cllr. John McGinley said a resurfacing of the road was long overdue. Mr. Coppinger said €40-50m estimated upgrade would be two or three times the annual budget and would lower the noisce by only a few decibels. Excessive noise was not a criteria used to decided if a road should be resufaced, said Mr. Coppinger.

Cllr. Purcell asked how the Council would suceed if they took a case to the European Court. Mr. Coppinger said: “I’m not a lawyer but for what it is worth, I don’t think so.” He said the motorway noise was less than in Dublin city.




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