Baby swan survives attack trauma and returns to Naas “family”

The swan reunited with her cygnets.

The swan reunited with her cygnets.

A cygnet has been reunited with her swan parents having been attacked by ducks on the middle lake, near Naas Hospital last week.

Naas resident Liam Curran, a paramedic employed at the Naas-based Ambulance Service, reunited the 2 day old cygnet with her mother on Wednesday last about 12 hours after the incidednt at the Ballymore Eustace Road lake.

Liam, who lives in Hazelmere, witnessed the attack by two Moldovan ducks, many of which share the lakes with the swans and other aquatic life, while out walking.

Liam rescued the cygnet which who it took to a vet and the following day made contact with Birdwatch Ireland.

Liam’s daughter Yvonne said BI’s advice was to re-introduce the baby swan to its mother. “We went over the swan, lifted her wing and put the cygnet in and she acccepted the baby before bringing it off on her back across part of the lake. Since then we have been keeping an eye on them and they are doing well,” said Yvonne. The parent swans had 6 other cygnets and did little to prevent the attack - perhaps to protect the remainder of the family.




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