Appeal for help after Kilshanroe burglary

Images of three men caught on camera during an incident in Kilshanroe on Sunday, 17 August.

Images of three men caught on camera during an incident in Kilshanroe on Sunday, 17 August.

AN appeal has gone out to to the public to help with identifying people who broke into a house in the Kilshanroe area of Enfield on Sunday, 17 August.

Several thousands euro worth of possession were stolen and the interior of the house was damaged by what appears to be a group of three men involved.

A part of the property was occupied at the time, around 5.15pm, and the thieves fled after being confronted.

Three people were seen and are believed to have escaped in a Volvo S60.

Gardai were on the scene very quickly - the householder described them as “fantastic”- and a technical examination of the house was carried out.

Sources in the area, who are involved in the text alert schemes, say there have been a large number of incidents in the Kilshanoe district the last six to eight weeks.

The community has noticed a number of groups in what is a very rural area.

It is believed that the group may have robbed some other houses in Kildare on the day.

Clothes wise, they appear to have come well prepared to avoid identifcation.

One person was wearing a blue Adidas tracksuit, matching hoodie top and bottoms, navy with white stripes on legs, arms and hood. He had blue suede matching adidas runners with white stripes.

A second wore grey plain tracksuit hoodie top with white strings, dark blue adidas bottoms with lighter blue stripes and red adidas logo, runners black with white sides and black gloves. A third wore grey tracksuit bottoms, white long sleeved collared top, navy baseball hat and adidas navy blue hood, yellow and green gardening gloves, white socks and black and white runners and a long red handle screwdriver.

Any information should be passed on to the Garda at Carbury station (046 9553002).




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