Annual rising event planned for Maynooth

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‘The Maynooth 1916 Centenary Committee’ is planning to organise an annual commemoration of the role of local people in the 1916 Rising.

Its chairman, Eoin McCormack, said the group plans to make the event a regular one following a “fantastic response” from Maynooth locals last Easter Monday to recall those “who fought for our freedom.”.

A student, who researched the story based around of one of the participants, Patrick Colgan, Eoin said the group is “a strictly a non political organisation,” involving representatives from St. Mary’s Band Maynooth, 8th Kildare Maynooth scouts, the Maynooth History society and Ex-Defence Forces organisations.

He said they want to do hold a yearly event “for the people by the people, in honour of the fifteen men who marched from Maynooth into Dublin for the 1916 rising.”

Eoin said that Patrick Colgan and many of the 15 who marched into the GPO along the Royal Canal on Easter Monday 1916, were bandsmen in the St. Mary’s Brass and Reed band.

“As a bandsman myself, I thought it was necessary to remember these men at every opportune moment.”

Eoin said family of the Maynooth fifteen were also happy to remember their relatives and the Ua Buachalla, Kirwan, Harris and Ledwith families were represented on the day.

An exhibition of military items was organsed by the group on Easter Monday.




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