Ambulance cover fears - Athy Council

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There are fears that what is being described as a lack of adequate ambulance cover for Athy could lead to a fatality.

That’s according to members of Athy Town Council who suspended the normal monthly meeting last Wednesday, February 19 to discuss the matter.

In the Mayor’s chair, Cllr. Thomas Redmond told the meeting that as a family man, as a politician and a resident of the town, he felt he couldn’t stand back and do nothing.

“This needs to be addressed before people start losing their lives,” he told the meeting.

He explained that the length of time it was taking ambulances to reach Athy wasn’t good enough.

He said he even knew of one case where an ambulance was sent from Maynooth.

Cllr. Ger Kelly said he was “worried for myself, my family and people from this town.”

He said that the council should meet with the ambulance service and “not be plamásed by them”.

He said he heard of an incident where a door fell off an ambulance on its way to pic up a man from a doctor’s surgery.

The call was supported by Cllr. Mark Dalton who noted that incidences of a lack of proper service to the town from the ambulance service were “too frequent to be coincidental”.

All of the council members agreed with the concerns, although all were keen to stress that they had no problem with the ordinary ambulance staff on the ground, who do a good job in the circumstances.




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