Allenwood septic tank overflow fears

One of the under pressure septic tanks in Allenwood.

One of the under pressure septic tanks in Allenwood.

Concern is growing in Allenwood South with up to 270 homes relying on outdated overflowing septic tanks.

“With the upcoming inspections, 90% of those septic tanks will fail. They are overflowing and it is a health issue and remedial action needs to be taken,” stressed local resident, Johnny O’Callaghan. He was joined by Jim Cross and Michael Percival at the Kildare Area Committee meeting on February 19. Johnny told councillors that half of Allenwood was put on the mains back in 2006 but it was never completed. Commitments were given to finish the job but it never happened.

Johnny explained; “there was a lot of division in the community, half had sewerage, half did not.”

He said about 240 tanks would have to be upgraded with the help of government grants, would could cost up to €1.5m. He suggested it would be better if that money was spent on finishing the mains instead of on the grants. Cllr. Fiona O’Loughlin and Cllr. Paddy Kennedy said they were aware of the situation and something had to be done.

John McGowan from Kildare County Council water services suggested some of the homes could be connected via a group water scheme and he could advise the deputation on that. He said there were no plans to extend the mains in the system at present. Cllr. Fiona O’Loughlin suggested that maybe a proposal to extend the scheme could be put together.




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