Naas Hitler video goes viral

Hitler plans a night out in the Court Hotel Naas in a spoof you tube clip created by Naas man, Mick Byrne.

Hitler plans a night out in the Court Hotel Naas in a spoof you tube clip created by Naas man, Mick Byrne.

A YouTube clip created by a Naas man has become a local internet sensation with over 9,000 hits since it was posted on December 20.

Millbrook man, Mick Byrne (23) created the clip which was shared by thousands of people on facebook, joe.ie and many other sites including the Leinster Leader’s own facebook page.

The clip, is created from a crucial scene from the movie, Downfall. It is just one of a number of subtitled videos which have been made using a scene from the German WWII drama, which revisits the last ten days of Adolf Hitler’s life. These scenes have spawned hundreds of spoof videos of Hitler getting upset over trivial events or news. Some parodies feature Hitler finding out Donegal have won the All Ireland, Terry Wogan won’t be hosting the Eurovision, or Ireland has turned off the analog signal.

“I was trying to think of something local,” said Mick, “I never thought it would get that much attention. Even my dad’s friends were ringing up saying they saw it.”

Mick said the film clip was easy to create. He saw the other spoof videos and decided to have a go. His clip shows Hitler getting very annoyed when he finds out it won’t be free into the Court Nightclub in Naas before 11pm on a night out. He goes berserk when he finds out he will have to fork out E15 as he has bought new trainers for the night out. He gets even more annoyed when one of his loyal commanders points out he won’t be allowed in wearing his new runners. Local pubs, McCormacks and Graces also get a mention. The clip certainly gave thousands of people a good laugh over Christmas. Mick said his first foray into creating an internet video will not be followed up on as he has no immediate plans to create any more clips.

The Court Hotel declined to coment on the video when contacted by the Leinster Leader.

- Niamh O’Donoghue




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