Less Tom Selleck, more Fawlty’s Manuel

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One week into Movember, things are starting to look a bit hairy - or not, as the case may be.

I’ve been cheating up to now, too ashamed to shave the rest of my face. But the day has finally come and, with it, a decision: what style do I go for?

There are one or two limitations to my choice. I don’t grow that fast so a Tom Sellick is definitely out. And I’m a bit too patchy for handlebars.

I could try for a pencil thin moustache but that would put me up against stand-in Ireland rugby captain, Naas man Jamie Heaslip, who is also captain of the Leinster Mo Bros team. And it’s not easy to get it right.

In the end I get lazy and just shave the rest of my face, thinking I can always style it later. It turns out to be something approaching a Manuel from Fawlty Towers.

Telling people I’m doing Movember has brought mixed reactions. Most said ‘fair play’; a few laughed; my girlfriend: ‘YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS!” But even she has come around to it a bit since seeing that it doesn’t look too bad...yet.

Generally, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. There’s a wonderful sense of community with other Mo Bros and friends are very supportive.

The difficulty lies in turning that into something real - raising awareness and funds for men’s health. The first week is a challenge, with no mo to show.

Nevertheless, despite little effort so far, I’ve raised E70 (thanks to a very generous donation from my parents), with pledges of more to come.

For updates on my mogress or to make a donation, visit 

- Liam Godinho




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