Grilled sardines on toasted ciabatta

Sardine Sandwich.

Sardine Sandwich.

In this weeks recipe I am not so much cooking but more presenting a great, flavoursome fish that is so good for you. Sardines are high in essential omega oils, and great value. Equally, mackerel can be prepared in the same way very simply with vey little fuss.


3-4 sardines per person, depending on their size

3-4 chopped tomatoes per person.

Teaspoon of tomato puree

Clove of garlic

A few fennel seeds

Vegetable stock

Ciabatta or baguette, 2 slices per person


Place the tomatoes, puree, garlic and fennel seeds in a saucepan. Top with some vegetable stock, bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Liquidise, correct the seasoning to taste, and add a little fresh, chopped parsley.

Meanwhile, gently grill the sardines without filleting them - this method is really popular in Spain and Portugal.

Gently brush them with a little butter and oil, mixed briskly together. Next sprinkle on a little paprika and gently grill for 2-3 minutes, rotating the fish half way through the cooking time until cooked .

Now toast a freshly baked baguette or some ciabatta bread. Butter and rub with a garlic clove

Place your sardines on the bread then add the tomato topping. For a little finishing touch, I like to grate some Parmesan all over and serve with a little pesto on the side - a delicious lunch, snack or supper.

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