Weston UK flight plans at embryonic stage

Weston Airport at Leixlip.

Weston Airport at Leixlip.

A company involved with Weston airport is considering running private subscription flights from the Leixlip airport to the UK.

Brian Conneely, whose company took over the airport some 15 months ago, said the project was in the early stages of planning.

He said the business had been “tough” since their takeover last year, but that they are co-operating well with South Dublin County Council.

He also confirmed that they were obliged to closed down the airport on 10/11 April, due to the illness of an air traffic controller.

Users of the airport were informed of the decision on Monday, 7 April.

Kieran O’Connor, who runs the Weston based National Flight Centre, said his organisation had to postpone training flights.

Galway based Mr. Conneely said that due to legal regulations over rest breaks a replacement air traffic controller was not available.

He added, however, a third person is being trained to alleviate problems like this one but that person will not be fully trained and ready to operate until the end of this month.

A fourth controller will also be trained shortly.

Mr. Connelly said around 60 people are employed at Weston.

Mr. Conneely’s company bought the airport from NAMA. He said a lot of poor weather had slowed down business.




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