Wardens to remain after Naas Town Council closes

Pedestrian crossing at North Main Street, Naas.                Photo Tony Keane.

Pedestrian crossing at North Main Street, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.

There will be no immediate change to pay parking arrangements in Naas once the town council ceases to exist on June 1.

Fears that the pay parking regime may be replaced with the system which operates in Newbridge and is perceived to be less flexible have been allayed - for now. The parking regulations are enforced by community wardens who are employed by Naas Town Council whereas a private company with its own employees operates the system in Newbridge.

However it is unclear when or even if the rules will change for motorists driving or doing business in Naas.

According to Kildare County Council official Eamonn O’Sullivan there are no immediate plans to change the system in Naas and he told a NTC meeting the bye-laws will remain in place and enforcement by the community wardens will continue beyond on June 1. However earlier at a Kildare County Council area meeting, he was unable to say for how long this would continue beyond saying it will be “some time” before any changes are implemented. Shortly a reveiw of pay parking arrangements throughout Co. Kildare will be undertaken by KCC and both Naas and Athy (which also has an independent town council) will be part of this review. This could mean that a new company is appointed to administer the system.




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