Town Hall ‘must be used’ to help promote business in Naas

Naas Town Hall.  Photo: Tony Keane.

Naas Town Hall. Photo: Tony Keane.

Pressure is mounting to ensure that Naas Town Hall is fully utilised as a focal point in the town.

Despite an earlier understanding that it would continue to be used as a venue for local authority meetings in the town, meetings of the newly elected Naas Municipal District take place at Aras Chill Dara instead - because council officials are not prepared to work beyond 5.24pm, citing the Haddington Road agreement.

Local councillors, including Labour’s Anne Breen are keen to expand the number of uses to which the hall could be cut and are exploring possibilities.

And the Kerry Group is to be asked to finance the creation of a video highlighting the attractions of the town and which could be available to

show at the hall.“If it’s not used it’ll go into dereliction and at the moment it’s used for only 6 hours a week at a cost of €30 a time, which is too expensive,” Cllr. Breen told the Leader. She also said there is a fire risk because of the number of paper documents stored there, upstairs.

Cllr. Breen wants the building to host tourism activities by encouraging Kildare Failte to locate there. A museum could be opened tracing the history of the town and the building could also be starting point for town walks and the venue for displaying leaflets/booklets promoting businesses in Naas.

Cllr. Breen also wants the town hall yard (at the back) to be made available for weekly markets. “Markets always attract people and Naas has always had a problem with finding a suitable location,” said Cllr. Breen.

The impressive council chamber could also be used, she suggested, as the venue for occasions like civic marriages and, more commercially, for book launches, new product launches and functions.




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