Resident plan meeting over Kill “horse fair”

The scene at  Bishopscourt Upper, Kill, on  Saturday. Pic: Tony Keane.

The scene at Bishopscourt Upper, Kill, on Saturday. Pic: Tony Keane.

RESIDENTS of Kill are due to meet this week to discuss a horse show which took place on the outskirts of the village on Saturday.

A gathering of horse dealers took place in an open field at Bishopscourt (about mile from the village) between 9.30am and about 1.30pm.

The gardai were present for a time following complaints about traffic congestion and Kildare County Council officials also attended.

A garda spokesman told the Leader that the event passed off without any incident.

“There was a considerable volume of traffic in the vicinity and there were some complaints about entrances being blocked,” the spokesman said.

This was disputed by the organisers who apparently told gardai every effort was made to ensure that no entrances were blocked.

According to the gardai, when they asked if an event licence was in force they were told that this was not necessary because the horses were on show rather than on sale.

A Kildare County Council spokeswoman said the local authority was aware of the event last week.

She added that an event licence is only required in the event of the expected attendance amounting to at least 5,000 people. The numbers who attended fell significantly short of this threshold.

- Paul O’Meara




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