Objections raised to goods store plan for Naas site

QK Cold Stores, Naas. Photo: Tony Keane.

QK Cold Stores, Naas. Photo: Tony Keane.

Residents of the Monread area in Naas are objecting to a planned construction of a industrial store at Maudlins Industrial Estate on the Dublin side of the town. QK Cold Stores Ltd. is seeking permission to build a dry goods store.

Kildare County Council has sought further information of the development, comprising a steel frame with a cladding finish to the side and roof.

Over 200 people, mainly living in the nearby Gleann na Riogh estate, have signed a petition of opposition and which has been forwarded to Kildare County Council.

Residents fear that the development will result in noise pollution and they are concerned about the “scale and magnitude” of the proposal because it may overshadow “neighbouring residences.” QK Cold Stores is one of a number of food-related companies associated with the Queally family, which is a major employer in the area. Some of the enterprises were located in the area before much of the housing was built.

The residents claim the company “has been allowed to expand and change from cold storage to food production”. They also claim “further expansion means further disruption for local residents.” The council has sought additional information relating to the number of daily hours of business and about the use of buildings on the site. It also wants information about the type of dry goods to be stored and has asked for proposals about how to improve the visual appearance of part of the site. Information has also been requested about the number of traffic movements likely to take place on a daily basis as well as clarification about access to the proposed store and proposals for additional landscaping for the western boundary of the site.

QK did not respond to an invitation to comment.




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