No protest from Newbridge HMV staff



Staff at the the HMV shop in the Whitewater Shopping Centre, Newbridge, did not join their colleagues at other stores around the country in locking themselves into the stores until their wages were paid.

An administrator was appointed to the troubled music retail giant last Tuesday, January 13 in the UK and HMV Ireland went into receivership a day later, Wednesday, January 14.

Over the course of Wednesday evening and Thursday, staff in two HMV stores in Limerick as well as those in Tallaght 
and Cork occupied the stores to demand that they be paid wages they were owed.

The protest was well-supported nationally and lead to the establishment of a Facebook page in support of the ‘HMV Heroes’ as they were called.

It ended on Saturday after negotiations with receivers Deloitte lead to an agreement to pay all outstanding monies in the 
coming week.

Noting that it wasn’t as straight forward to have a sit-in at a premises that is part of shopping centre, sources at the Whitewater Shopping Centre confirmed that there was no sit-in by HMV staff there.

“They left at the end of the day as far as we know, and that was it,” a source said. “There was no protest.”

- Conor McHugh




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