No promise of change on Kilcock rail price anomaly

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Bringing Kilcock within Irish Rail’s short hop zone to lower rail fares would create similar or new issues at a new boundary, the National Transport Authority (NTA) has said.

Cllr. John McGinley has asked that Irish Rail do something about “outrageously expensive” fare between Kilcock and Maynooth.

Irish Rail spokesperson, Barry Kenny, said:“Maynooth is within the commuter area Short Hop Zone, which is on a different fare structure the national Intercity network. Such dual structures are quite common internationally, and there can be fare differentials at the boundaries such as this.

The fare between Kilcock and Maynooth is €5.70, compared to €4.35 between Maynooth and Dublin.

Irish Rail’s Barry Kenny said any changes to the fare structure arrangements are a matter for the National Transport Authority who

NTA CE Gerry Murphy, told the Leader it takes into consideration a number of factors to try and best match the costs and income whilst also protecting the services themselves. “Maynooth is inside the Iarnród Éireann Short Hop Zone (SHZ) for commuter rail travel while Kilcock is on the intercity network and therefore outside the SHZ. There are different fare structures for the SHZ and the intercity zone. The cost of rail travel within the SHZ zone is less expensive by distance than for longer distance intercity travel. This is common practice on rail operations internationally.”

Mr. Murphy said a zonal structure will remain which will always include a boundary pricing charge. “The suggestion that Kilcock should be within the SHZ would create similar or new issues at the new boundary and also have revenue implications for rail services.”

The NTA said it is aware of the the anomalies and is working on to remove them and smooth the differences at the boundary of the intercity/commuter zones large price fluctuations.




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