Naas Credit Union AGM identity check

Naas Credit Union.

Naas Credit Union.


Naas Credit Union members hoping to attend the December 17 AGM will be asked to prove their identity in advance of the meeting at the Osprey Hotel (7.30pm).

In an unprecedented move, the CU is asking people to bring photographic identification as well as evidence that they have an account with the Naas institution.

“In order to attend the meeting members are required to produce photo ID and a passbook or account statement,” according to Naas CU.

Clearly management are keen to ensure that only legitimate members attend and among the issues they will decide will be whether to open a branch in Newbridge.

No reason is given but it’s almost certainly aimed at preventing any “infiltration” by the Newbridge Credit Union Action Group.

Naas CU management will be anxious to avoid a repeat of scenes which occurred at a public meeting called in September on behalf of Naas CU members seeking more information about what role Naas might play in a merger with Newbridge.

A group of clearly agitated NCUAG members outnumbered Naas CU members and several spoke in boisterous terms about the unfolding problems in Newbridge.




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