Kildare County Council’s Road budget skating on thin ice

Road budget under pressure.

Road budget under pressure.

KILDARE County Council will increase spending on local road maintenance and improvement this year but it cutting its spend on regional roads by almost a third.

The overall roads budget will fall 5.2% from €23.4m to €22.2m.

The regional road spending of €6.0m in 2013 will drop by a third to €4.1m in 2014 and no money has been earmarked for national primary roads, of which there are 12 km in the county, compared to €41,626 last year.

The latter figure does not include the 128 km of motorway.

Spending on the county’s 17km of national secondary roads in the county will drop from €183,677 in 2013 to just €42,000 this year.

The only good news, assuming roads need to be regularly fixed up, would appear to be under the Local Road heading. The budget for the 1,889 km of local road will rise from €8.1m to €8.76m.

At this level, the emphasis will be on maintenance with the “general maintenance” budget rising from €4.59m last year to €5.3m this year.

Money spent on local “general improvement” will drop however, from €2.1m to €1.8m.

At the regional road level - there are 482 km of regional road - the only increased budget is that for “winter maintenance,” for fixing up serious degradation after the frost. This will rise from €245,500 in 2013 to €450,000 this year.

The budget is not just about road maintenance. It also includes spending on the county’s 24 school wardens under the road safety promotion/education budget.

The budget for the warden services will drop from €359,962 to €347,714 while the budet for “publicity and promotion (of) road safety” will drop from €294,391 to €223,500.

There will also be a slight decrease in the administrative cost, “service support costs” of this element from €278,442 to €282,736.

Another element of the programme, the “administration of the Roads Capital Programme” will rise from €1.11m to €1.34m with the “service support cost” of €1.27m this year compared to €1.13m next year.

The traffic management improvement budget will rise from €726,365 to €855,665 with “traffic management” spending rising from €400,000 to €490,000. There is no budget for “traffic improvement measures.

The spending on road safety engineering improvements will fall from €73,100 to €30,000.

One of the bigger budget is the operation of street parking. The budget for this is set to rise from €1.073m to €1.090m in 201.

There is a drop in the parking enforcement budget from €178,000 to €155,000.




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