Kilcullen Road upgrade plans to be unveiled

Kilcullen Road, Naas, at the entrance to Esmondale.   Photo Tony Keane

Kilcullen Road, Naas, at the entrance to Esmondale. Photo Tony Keane

A significant upgrade of the Kilcullen Road out of Naas is in the pipeline and should improve road safety as well as encourage cycling and walking.

Precise plans for the work are to go on display today (June 24) at Aras Chill Dara until August 5.

It’ll run for a distance of 1.16kms from a point just south of the Kilcullen Road roundabout as far as the entrance to the Piper’s Hill campus.

Footpaths and cycle tracks will be provided on both sides of the road as well as an overlay of the existing road - paid for by Ballymore Homes, which has permission for significant residential development in the area.

Apart from the residential development (existing and planned) the presence of the Piper’s Hill campus has, says Kildare County Council, generated a lot of traffic and “brought about a demand for improved pedestrian and especially cycle provision in the area.”

Once the aforementioned public consultation period ends in early August, the plan will come before Kildare County Council in September.

The likely timespan for the project is some 4 months. Details reports have already prepared by the council and on its behalf by consultants.

The Naas-Kilcullen route is described as a regional route which has an annual average daily traffic flow of 6,400 vehicles.

This figure is not high by County Kildare standards but the heavy goods vehicle percentage flow (5.1%) is higher than average.

The plan also envisages new push button crossings at a number of locations. The most recent figures available show that just over 1,000 journeys are made per day to schools in the area and the vast majority are by car or bus. Just less than 1% of students cycle to school.




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