Council’s budget plans for 2014

KILDARE County Council will spend an estimated €123 million gross in 2014, according to its annual Budget agreed on Monday 16 December.

In his report to councillors, County Manager Michael Malone noted that a July report on local government efficiency, had saved €839m across the State since “the beginning of the economic crisis” in 2008, a figure equivalent to around €183 for every person in the State.

About €561m of this was saved between 2010-12, including €288m in wages and €109m in procurement.

Around 70% of the Council’s income will come from local sources in 2014 with 30% from central 

The Council estimates its income from goods and services will amount to €40.8m, with €24.6m of this coming from Irish Water to replace central government funding on water services.

It estimates €4.8m will come from rented houses, €1.8m on housing loans and charges, and €1.7m on parking fines and charges.

It expects an 8% increase to €602,175 from planning fees and charges and €120,000 in library fees and fines, a figure which is a 5% drop on the 2013 estimate for this source.

A total of €20.2m will come from grants and 

With spending at €123m, total non-rate income at €61m, the rest of the funds will come from a county charge of €3m, a €9.3m grant from the Local 
Government Fund and €47.6m from commercial ratepayers, for whom the rate in the euro has stayed the same as 2013.

Local Property Tax will got to central government and new water charges to Irish Water.

The budget report said that Public Services Stability Agreement (known as the Haddington Road Agreement), which 
applies for three years from 1 July, 2013, aims to save €1 billion (a thousand million) up to 2015. Local authorities, like the Council, are included in the savings drive.




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