All clear after Intel evacuation in Leixlip



UP to 200 construction workers were evacuated from one of Intel’s Leixlip plants as a precautionary measure, on Thursday afternoon, 19 December.

Some staff, who were working on a sub-section of the Fab 24 plant, were asked to leave the building around 3.10pm in the afternoon. There was initial concern because of a problem of an undisclosed nature.

The construction staff in question had not returned to the building by 4.00pm, the time they were due to leave work for the day.

The Leinster Leader understands that Intel’s Emergency Response Team checked the premises, as is usual, in these cases.

Intel Ireland spokesperson, Sarah Sexton, confirmed there was a “minor” incident in a “localised” sub section, and as the company takes no chance in these matters, an evacuation was arranged. “If there is any concern, whatsoever, we would do this,” she said.

Following a check, the issue was cleared up.

- Henry Bauress




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